Frequently Asked Questions

The core hours are 9am-12pm, however we have an early start session from 8.15am and a late finish session until 2.30pm.
Therefore the 4 options are:
Core: 9am-12pm
Early Start: 8.15am-12pm
Late Finish: 9am-2.30pm
All Day: 8.15am-2.30pm.

Your child can start at the half term after their 2nd birthday.

We have 2 classes, the Explorers aged 2-3 years and the Creators aged 3-5 years. The Explorers move to the Creators at the nearest half term to their 3rd birthday.

Yes we do, however we only have a few fully funded places. For the remainder of places, we can still accept the entitlement which will be deducted from the fees.

Yes we do, please let us know which scheme your company participates in and we can give you our account number.

Please bring a water bottle for your child as this encourages them to be healthy and drink water throughout the day.
A school bag with a pair of spare clothes (as they get messy!! Messy clothes means they had lots of fun learning!)
If your child is in nappies, please also bring nappies and wipes in their bag.

We teach through topics as we feel children grasp more into their play when it is themed. Through each topic we incorporate endless play activities that develop children’s learning for example; shapes, colours, counting, sorting, vocabulary, obstacle courses, messy play, arts and craft, imaginative play, investigations etc. We display our weekly planning on the notice board so you can see the activities your child will be taking part in.

We provide free-flow play, where the children are free to go between the classroom and garden. We encourage children to play outside in all types of weather (strong winds not permitted), therefore ask parents to bring in wellies and raincoats if it is raining.

Your child can start at the half term after their 2nd birthday.

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum and use a tablet to take photos and record observations and assessments of your child, during child and adult initiated play. This is put in your child’s individual learning journey, which is available for you to access anytime. From the tracker in the learning journey, you can see which areas your child is developing and their next steps.

We follow the Montessori philosophy that learning should be fun and have designed the environment to be accessible for children to be given the maximum freedom to move and develop.
From experience, we feel the Montessori method has many great values, however mixed with an EYFS setting gives the best of both.

We do provide a healthy mid-morning snack with milk and water.We do not provide lunch and ask that children staying until 2.30pm bring a packed lunch.

We promote healthy eating therefore sandwiches, rice, pasta etc. with snacks are suitable. We are able to store food in the fridge and heat up food in a microwave if you wish. Please let a member of staff know your requirements. We are a nut-free school, therefore please ensure your children’s lunch does not contain nuts of any kind, including peanut butter.

Of course, we love celebrating birthdays! Although, please ensure the cake does not contain nuts. Let a member of our team know so we can let you know how many children we are expecting that day and if there are any other allergies within our pre-school we should let you know about.

Yes, if we have space available. Please speak to a staff member.

We do not change days if your child is absent due to illness or on holiday during term-time. However, we may be able to change a day due to unforeseen circumstances, e.g. appointments etc. if space is available. Please speak to a member of staff.

Yes, it is important for you to inform us that your child will not be in. If your child is unwell, please notify us on the first day of their sickness and if possible how long you expect the absence to last. Please either call or e-mail us by 8.15am.

Yes, please call/e-mail us by 8.15am and let us know what time you will be in.

Children should be kept off school for 48 hours since their last instance of vomiting or diarrhoea.

We are only open term time, however if we have enough interest we run a Christmas craft week and Summer school at an additional charge. Details of these will available closer to the time.